Sugars Effect on Insulin and Your Health

We all know sugar tastes yummy.  Sure it can add excess calories with no nutritional value.  Sure it can rot your teeth.  But there are far graver consequences to be aware of when we consume too much sugar.

Consumption of refined sugar has skyrocketed.  Our genes were developed in an environment where one person consumed at the most 4 pounds of sugar a year.  In 1830 human sugar consumption rose to 11 pounds a year and by the end of the twentieth century it was up to 150 pounds a year!  Yikes!

When we eat sugar blood levels of glucose rise rapidly.  The body immediately releases a dose of insulin to enable the glucose to enter cells.  The secretion of insulin is accompanied by the release of another molecule called IGF (insulin-like growth factor), whose role is to stimulate cell growth.  In short, sugar nourishes tissues and makes them grow faster.  They have another effect in common: They promote the factors of inflammation, which also stimulates cell growth.  Sugar, therefore, acts as a fertilizer for cancer tumors.

Today it is well known that the peaks of insulin and the secretion of IGF directly stimulate not only the growth of cancer cells, but also their capacity to invade neighboring tissue.  The moral of the story here is to not only fear the short term effects of sugar consumption, but the long term effects which are much scarier!


One thought on “Sugars Effect on Insulin and Your Health

  1. Beth Blacker

    I am fortunate in that I really don’t like sugar. Even as a kid I reached for fruit rather than any of the Hostess snacks in the drawer my mother kept well-stocked. I tend to get headaches almost immediately from consuming refined sugar so I just avoid it as much as possible.



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