The Divine Hour: Rising with the Sun


Treat your body and soul once a week by rising with the sun. Dawn, by nature, is the most peaceful time of the day, charged with possibility and the energy of renewal. The morning is extremely beneficial to your mind and body. Here’s why:

The feeling of accomplishment and success remains all day

The first time you get up early and enjoy the brisk air (maybe go for a stroll) you will feel like you conquered the world! Setting out to commit to something and accomplishing it will instill a feeling of motivation that sticks with you all day! Pairing that with a warm sunrise is just the cherry on top!

Balancing the Body

When rising with or just before the sun, you are actually mimicking the body’s natural circadian rhythm, which aids to restore the balance and peace within the body’s physiology. Creating more of a natural balance in the body and soul leads to a more balanced life!

Creativity is at it’s peak!

This being especially true if you rise before the sun when you have absolute stillness. Ideas are clearer as the mind has not yet been disturbed by the days frivolousness. Fun fact: immediately after waking up, the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain which is in charge of creativity, is the most active! So take advantage of this time to let your best ideas run wild!

Perfect “me-time”

Use this time as a leverage for peaceful serenity under the rising sun! Give yourself this time at least once a week to appreciate you!

Remember go to bed early, set your clock 5 minutes before the sun rises, take a deep breath, and let your body and soul indulge in what can be your new favorite time of the day!


10 thoughts on “The Divine Hour: Rising with the Sun

  1. Clive

    I don’t know about when the sun rises – it depends upon the time of the year – but I do get up at 5am every day. You can’t beat that feeling when you’re up taking a walk or doing something really productive. You feel ahead of everyone else and it sets up your day perfectly. I completely agree with every word Lisa.

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  2. Holly Jean

    I have a tendency to lay in bed and check all my social media channels before rising. I realize this is a TERRIBLE habit! I vow to take that extra moment for some me time. Collect my thoughts and build myself up for the day to come.

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  3. Kristen Wilson (@k10wilson)

    Hmmm, interesting…. I am actually up before I see the sun and usually IN the gym when it is rising… I know this because I have been on a machine and due to a lack of tint in the gym, it is blinding me! lol I wouldn’t mind a walk in the am, if it weren’t so bloody cold! lol Great ideas though.

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